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Notarial Practice, Apostille & Notarial Certification 

A Notary Public is an Attorney with a post-graduate qualification differentiating him or her from colleagues and from whom exceptional expertise and the highest degree of integrity is expected. Documents prepared or executed by a Notary are generally accepted anywhere in the world without question.

Notaries are admitted and authorised by the High Court of South Africa to draw and attest contracts and other documents and to authenticate certain documentation for international purposes.

Certain documentation intended to be used abroad must be “Apostilled” or “legalised” by way of Apostille Certification in terms of the Hague Convention before they may be accepted by foreign authorities.

With three Notaries Public on call the Firm ensures that you receive the correct information and advice to prevent costly, unnecessary delays and complications.

Antenuptial Contracts have no effect unless they are executed before a Notary Public.

What is an Apostille?

This is a document certified as a true copy by a Notary Public whose signature in turn is authenticated by a Court in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention. When being requested to provide or obtain an Apostille, it is often because the receiving Country is also a signatory to the Convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961 (“The Hague Convention”).

A document so certificated by a Notary (and no one else) is accepted as having the same validity as the original document.

Documents which often have to be “Apostilled” include:

Home Affairs Documents and Police Clearances:

  • Police Clearance Certificates

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Divorce Decrees

  • Letter of No Impediment to be married abroad

Academic Documents:

  • South African Degrees, Diplomas and other qualification certificates

  • TEFL certificates

  • Foreign degrees

Other documents:

  • Background Checks

  • Marital Status Affidavits

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Copies of Passport

  • Copies of Driver’s Licences

  • Transcripts

  • Authorisation Letters

  • Travel Consent Letters

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Certificates of Good Standing

  • Certification of Origin

  • Corporate Powers of Attorney

  • Commercial Invoice/s

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